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Hand and Wrist Pain

Clinical Case Discussion
  • 1. 26 y/o AAF with Type 1 DM with neuropathy, and nephropathy presents in the IM clinic for R hand pain of 3 yr duration. Previous work up by PCP including Xray did not reveal the cause of the pain. Pain has been constant and does affect the quality of her life. Physical Examination shows tenderness in 2nd MCP of right hand. is positive for Finkelstein's test. Diagnosis of DeQuervain's tenosenovitis was made. How should this patient be managed. 
    • a. No need to do any thing as chronic problem, and has not really got worsened. 
    • b. Wrist splint including Velcro thumb spica and NSAIDs. 
    • c. Steroid injection
    • d. Evaluation for surgical release