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Year in Reivew by Carol Langford ACR 2022 

#JAKi : Review article LUi C, A and R 2021
Tofacitinib: all Jak 1,2,3 (T for Three)
Baricitinib: Both 1,2 (B for both)
Upadacitinib: 1 (U for Uno or 1)
Deucravacitinib: TYK2 i

#5 new approval for JAKi
Tofacitibinb: AS
Upa: PsA, AS, nr-axSpA
Deucravacitinib: Psoriasis, PsA, SLE (not FDA approved, but in publication)

#IL-6 : JAK1 and 2

#Type 1 IFN: Jak1 and Tyk 2

#FDA Approval 
JAKi - 5 new approval as noted above
IL-23i - Risankizumab  for PsA (previously approved was Guselkumab)

#Bimekisumab: IL17Aand IL17F inhibitor 
 (nrAxSpA, AS, PsA, PsO) 

New studies