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Autoinflammatory diseases

  • Approach to a patient with joint pain 
    • RA - presentation pattern and diagnosis 
    • RA Classification criteria and diagnosis 
  • Understand the distinction between classification criteria and diagnosis in rheumatology?
  • Vasculitis classification 
    • Understand the classification of vasculitis?
  • Myopathic disorder 
    • Approach to a patient with muscle weakness and understand the classification for myositis.
  • ANA
    • When to order ANA? 
    • How to approach a patient with positive ANA?
  • SLE
    • SLE classification criteria evolution and the manifestation 
    • Severe manifestations of SLE
    • Cutaneous manifestations of SLE, including in the different race 
  • Understand MCTD / Overlap syndromes 

  • Crystals of Gout / CPPD 
    • How do XO inhibitors work 
  • Sarcoidosis and IgG4 diseases
    • Mechanism of hypercalcemia 
  • Overview of medications - 
    • Drug interaction of MTX and Bactrim
    • AZA and XO inhibitors
    • AZA and Warfarin

57% Specificity of 2010 Criteria of ACR/EULAR in diagnosis as against 76% of 2010 criteria, two questions
  • How does it affect the outcomes of the clinical trial 
  • If patients are initially treated with MTX or Triple therapy, how and when do you decide to back off or MTX Or HCQ would still treat other forms of inflammatory arthritis that it does not really matter?