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Malignant Gliomas in Adults 

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Paraneoplastic Syndromes Involving the Nervous System 

Neurological Complications of Cancer Treatment



Case Discussion


56 yo F with rectal and colon cancer, metastatic comes with AMS 5 days after first round of cisplatin and 5-flurouracil treatment. 3 days later has AMS and is being admitted for further evaluation. 

What is the DDx? 
  • Infection (viral and bacterial are possibility - fever may be masked by chemo and steroids), 
  • Metabolic (leucoencephalopathy is associated with use of Cisplatin), 
  • CVA with ischmia or venous thrombosis, 
  • Seizures, 
  • Septic encephalopathy
MRI was concerning for ischemia in pons, cerebellum. 

3 days later, patient starts to improve, and wakes up. 

What is the Diagnosis.

Not sepsis, Seizure, Infection as MRI findings will not be consistent. The diagnosis is Cisplatin induced leucoencephalopathy - PRES. 

What is PRES?

What is the pathogenesis of PRES?
  • auto regulatory failure 
  • cerebral ischemia
  • endothelial dysfunction

Also, Patient also has AKI. DDx?
  • Infection causing pre renal 
  • Cisplatin induced kidney injury
Work up revealed patient has Ur Cr of 34 and U Na of 85. Fena > 4. This is likely Renal Injury due to Cisplatin.