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CGA Staging (Cause, GFR Stage, Albuminuria Stage):
  • Definition
  • Evaluation of CKD 
    • Note: GFR does decrease with age. 
  • Management: 
    • 5 interventions to slow CKD 
    • 3 complications of CKD
      • Anemia: Goal: 10-11.5: 
      • CKD: BMD : Ca 2+, PO4 3-, PTH, ALP, 25-OH Vit D (G3b - G5 for baseline; not routinely) (see reference Page 11 of KDIGO 2012)
      • CVD: Smoking Cessation, weight loss, exercise, HTN, HLD, CAD
  • Whom to screen
    1. Long standing DM, or HTN
    1. Prior AKI
    2. Lupus, MM
    3. Chronic Viral Infection (HBV, HCV, HIV)
    4. Cancer especially if they have been on Platin or localized XRT 
    5. Chronic NSAIDs use 
Chronic Kidney Disease
Lipid Management in CKD
Management of various stages of CKD
Genetic Diseases leading to CKD
Additional Notes: 
Loop Diuretics: Are heavily protein bound. So, it may not be that effective in patient with Nephrotic Syndrome
Atorvastatin is the only statin that has been shown to reduce proteinuria.
Clonidine: Centrally acting medication with short half life and lots of side effects