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  • ACUTE KIDNEY INJURY – 2/2 Pre-renal vs Renal vs Post Renal  
    • Ask 4 questions
      • New Medications, Procedures
      • Vitals
      • History suggestive of change in Volume Status i.e decreased PO, Diarrhea etc. 
      • Sx and risk factors for Urinary Obstruction
    • Tests to order: 
    • Rx:
      •       Fluid (Pre-renal)                                                                                                                               
      •       Foley Cath (if post-renal)
      •       Supportive Management, and  -+ Fluid (Renal-Renal)

Renal Failure: 
Case 5-2014: Fever, Confusion, Thrombocytopenia, Rash (IE vs TTP vs tick born vs small vessel disease)
Case 3-2014:  Gastrointestinal Symptoms, Anemia,  (RPGN, MPGN, Cryoglobunemia II)
Case 30-2011 (Sclerodermal Renal Crisis)
Case 29-2011 (Plasma-cell myeloma with AL amyloidosis) 
Case 32-2012 (DAH with Nephritis) 
Case 11-2012 (RMSF / Maculopapular Rash) 
Case 33-2010 (Aspergillus Endophthalmitis / Posterior Uveitis / DDx: Acute Renal Failure) 
Case 23-2010 (Secondary Polycythemia due to Renal lymphangiectasis / Renal Cysts / MGUS) 
Case 31-2005 (Type II cryoglobulinemia with renal disease)

Acute Kidney Injury