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HIV Basics

Basic Questions for IM residents:
  • What to do next if HIV test comes positive? 
  • Time line when initial HIV test may come negative?
  • What does 4th generation of HIV test mean?
  • What to offer for preexposure prophylaxis?
  • What to offer for post-exposure prophylaxis?
  • When not to give Abacavir? 
  • What is the principle of HIV regimen? Or how many main class of HIV regimen are there?
  • Which of these is/are preferred regimen?
  • Which treatment to offer if HIV viral load and resistance testing is  not back but you want to start treatment?
  • When should HIV treatment be started?
  • What tests to offer in a newly diagnosed HIV patients?
  • Which immunizations to offer? 
  • When should one use 4 drug regimen. eg. Truvada + Raltegravir (INSTI) + Darunavir/r (Boosted PI) 
  • How should you manage ART on a hospitalized patient?
    • Who is taking medicine regularly and can take PO
    • Who is taking medicine regular and CANNOT take PO
    • Who is taking medicine sometimes
    • Not sure of medication compliance 
  • Know when and how to order Drug Resistance testing?