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HIV and GI / Pulm / Nephro

HIV-GI - Hepatobiliary 
  • Crytosporodiosis

HIV-Pulmonary Medicine 

  • Etiologies
    • Opportunistic Infection:
      • Bacterial: 
      • Viral:  HIVAN (Collapsing FSGS), HBV associated Nephropathy 
      • Parasitic: 
      • Fungal:
    • IRIS due to above infection 
    • Medication Side Effects
      • Cobicistat: inhibits Cr secretion causing Cr to go high, but does not alter the GFR. If > 0.4 mg / dL increase in Cr then cause of elevation in Cr should be looked into 
      • Tenofovir Renal Toxicity 

Case 5-2010 (Glomerulonephritis in HCV, HIV patient

Case Discussion

32 yo AAM is diagnosed presents with SOB of 2 week. No other prior medical history. 

CXR shows the following. 

CT Chest is done 

HIV test is done and is positive on the initial test. No prior diagnosis of HIV. 

What are the pulmonary manifestions of HIV?

In this presentation, possible ddx include the following
  • Oppotunistic infection
  • Lymphoproliferative Disorders
  • AIDS related malignancies
  • Non-speficific interstitial pneumonitis
DDx of GGO