Pulm / Resp ID

Pulmonary /Respiratory Tract Syndromes

Community Acquired Pneumonia 
  • Confirm Dx: Consider DDx 
  • Once Diagnosis of CAP is made, THREE interrelated decisions must be made 
    •  Choice of Antibiotic Therapy (Concern for MDR organisms) ; Patient-specific risk of certain organisms
    •  Extent of testing to determine the cause of Pneumonia: Need of Sputum culture and Blood Culture
    •  The appropriate location for the treatment (Home, Ward, ICU) : CURB 65 or PSI; IDSA-ATS Criteria
Microbial etiology of community-acquired pneumonia Up-to-date 
Recommended antimicrobial therapy for specific pathogens causing CAP in adults Up-to-Date
Bacterial Pulmonary Infections in HIV Patients Up-to-Date
Groups at high risk of Influenza complication Up-to-Date 
IDSA -ATS guidelines for CAP Treatment Up-to-date

Additional Pulmonary / Respiratory Tract Syndromes 


Community-Acquired Pneumonia NEJM 2014