HAI (Healthcare Associated Infection)

Risk factor for HCAI


ATS/IDSA Guidelines for the Management of Adults with HAP, VAP, HCAP 2005
Guidelines for hospital-acquired pneumonia and health-care-associated pneumonia: a vulnerability, a pitfall, and a fatal flaw. Lancet Infect Ds 2011 

Nosocomial Meningitis Infection 

Hospital acquired Gm -ve rods 

SPACE organisms
  • Serretia
  • Pseudomonas
    • If you are covering for Psedomonas, make sure sputum culture is obtained to at least identify the organisms. 
    • Double coverage 
  • Acinetobacter 
    • Carbapenam 
  • Citrobacter
  • Enterobactareace family 
  • Chemical Pneumonitis
  • Rapid recovery in < 36 hrs. Deescalation of abx. 
  • Anaerobic Pleuropneumonia - Classic, subacute purulent cough, cavitary pneumonia with emyema. More likely to be community acquired 
  • Aspiration Pneumonia - large volume of aspiration of oropharyngeal or Gupper GI contents with a high enough PH to avoid chemical pneumonitis (when on H2 Blocker, or PPI)

Isolation in hospital 
Contact precautions: GNR with > 3 class resistance 

  • Zoster
  • RSV
Droplet Precautoin
  • Flu
  • RSV
Airborne Precaution