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Case example

Case 1 
DM: B12 deficiency with component of ACD but no iron deficiency 

Case 2
B12 deficiency with normal MCV 

Case 3
Low B12 and Folate with increased MMA and Homocysteine 

Case 4
JAP: B12 deficiency with elevated MMA and homocystein despite normal B12 level

Case 5 
WHL : B12 deficiency with normal MCV and RDW 

Case 6
HMB : B12 deficiency with elevated MMA and homocystein and low B12 and slightly elevated MCV 

Case 7
BTM : B12 deficiency with low B12 level and elevated MMA and homocysteine 

Case 8 
LD : B12 deficiency with Macrocytosis and Thrombocytopenia

Case 9 
WWA: B12 deficiency along with Iron deficiency 

Case 10 
PLM  :  ACD 

Case 11
BTD: IDA with Mircocytosis. As Hgb increases, and MCV increases, Ferritin remains low align with increase in TIBC 

Case 11
HW : B12 deficiency with persistent MMA and homocystein elevation 6 days later despite B12 supplementation 

Case 11