Stomach and Dudenum

Stomach and Duodenum
H. Pylori infection: Please see ID - Bacteria - H.pylori 



Dyspepsia BMJ 2013


Causes of Gastroparesis
Small Cell Lung Cancer can cause gastroparesis due to autoimmune enteropathy 
Viral Infection (CMV, EBV, VZV)
Brainstem Injury 
Medications (CCB, Clonidine, Liraglutide, Amitryptyline, Narcotics, GLP-1 agonists)
Constipation causing gastroparesis 
Cannobinoid Hyperhemesis Syndrome 
Narcotic causing Nausea: Rameron, and Buspar helps 

  • The diagnosis of gastroparesis is based on the combination of symptoms of gastroparesis, absence of gastric outlet obstruction or ulceration, and delay in gastric emptying
Gastroparesis Study: Caution prior to Gastroparesis study 

Stop medications for 48 hr
Control Blood Sugar 
Should be 1, 2, and 4 hr study (note: negative 2 hr study could miss fraction of patients) 

Prokinetic for treatment of Gastroparesis 
Metoclopramide, Erythromycin (tachyphylaxis), Domperidone 
Side Effects: QT prolongation