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Clinical Question

69 yo F is seen in IM Clinic for mass over breast lesion. Extends to deep tissue, fixed to skin. LN in axilla present. CT shows diffuse metastasis to lungs. Bone scan shows ????. MRI brain shows ???. 
Tissue biopsy is done. Histology is Her2 +, ER / PR +
Echo is done. 

How would you treat this patient.

1. Trastuzumab and Chemo
2. 2 Her 2 Neu mab, and Chemo
3. Radiation
4. Chemo only. 
5. Anti-hormonal therapy. 

Anti-hormonal therapy is wrong due to slow action. 
2 Her 2 Neu man with chemo works better than single agent. It can be combined with Chemo is the right answer. 

Patient has sister who died of ovarian cancer at 55, and had bread cancer at 42. She has two other sisters. What should be done for genetic tests. 
1. Patient should get genetic tests. 
2. Both sisters should get genetic tests done.